Having a baby is a wonderful experience in itself. The best part of the entire period is making arrangements for the newcomer. Ever since our little bundle of joy takes birth, we tend to get busy with the selection of names. This is one of the most important aspects of having a baby. Choosing the perfect names can be a tricky business too. After all, selecting baby names is one of the most significant parental decisions that you have to make. Names need to be chosen very carefully as it is going to stay with your girl forever, including things like social security administration, Driving License, and so on. You also have to make sure that is it not a baby girl’s name that other children will make fun of, in the school.

If you are expecting a baby girl, then you must be in search for the most adorable baby girl names out there. We are here to help you select the top baby names. A baby girl of today’s time should receive a popular and unique name that will impress everyone. We have discussed ways by which you can choose the best names for your baby girl. Furthermore, we have also prepared a list of names for girls with their beautiful meanings to make it easier for you to choose from.

Top Baby Girl Names

There are many options when it comes to selecting baby girl names. You have many kinds of baby names to choose from, like Isabella Sophia Emma Olivia Ava and so on. The thing is, all of these names are unique, and for instance, they can be timeless with a modern appeal. However, popular baby girl names are usually overused, so if you’re looking for the names for girls that stand out, you need to check this list out. Given below is a list of many such top girl names that you might consider selecting for your baby girl:

Anna: This girl’s name is the Latin alternative for Hannah and means “Grace.” This name is associated with mother Mary’s parent, Saint Anna. Other derivatives of this name are Annie, Anika, Anya, and Nancy.

Aria: This is one of the popular baby girl names of Italian origin and means “melody, song, or air.” In Hebrew, Aria is a derivative of Ari or “Lion.” It is also trendy in Persia.

Aurora: It is a top baby name that branches from the Latin word meaning “dawn.” It is also the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise and refers to the scientific term for Northern lights, Aurora Borealis.

Charlotte: This is a feminine alternative for the male name “Charles.” It a variation of the French name “Charlot,” meaning “little Charles.” Charlemagne’s child from French legend and literature had this name. It caught popularity because of Queen Charlotte of England. Similarly to Emma, Olivia, it is a vintage and evergreen name of classic literature.

Eleanor: Eleanor is a popular baby girl French name that has been derived from the name of the French Provence of Alienware. It became a prevalent baby girl name when Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the U.S. French.

Naomi: This name is of Hebrew origin and means Beautiful and Gentle. It is one of the edgy and popular baby girl names that have a sublime aura. This name also has a Japanese meaning, ‘nao’ means honest and ‘mi’ means beauty.

Natalie: The name Natalie is one of the names for girls of French origin, which means “Born on Christmas.” It is a timeless baby name for your daughter, and the best part is that it has a dash of modernity to it.

Savannah: This is one of the top names for girls that has its origin in Spain and means “Flat tropical grassland.” A city in Georgia has the same name. If you want your baby girl name to have a pastoral feel to it, then this will be suitable. 

Zoey: This baby’s name is of Greek origin, and its meaning is ‘life.’ It is a prevalent name that has spread throughout several countries. If you want an antique and timeless name for your child, Zoey is a good option.

Harper: It is one of the most beautiful babies that you can select for your girl. The meaning of the name is ‘one who plays the harp’ and is an alternative word for the minstrel.

Harriet: This is a French word and the meaning ‘keeper of the hearth’. It is not only beautiful but also a unique and timeless name.

Florence: It is also a French word that means the flowering stage of a plant. This name gained popularity by the social reformer Florence Nightingale. It is one of the charming names for baby girls.

Things To Keep In Mind While Naming A Baby Girl

You must be aware of the fact that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing baby girl names. The best option is to go by your instincts and stick to the baby’s name that you find suitable. Personal identity and family beliefs also come to focus on when choosing baby girl names. However, most of us also take into consideration the last name of the baby while selecting the first name. This helps in forming a relationship between the two names. Apart from this, most of us also prefer to add middle names or maiden names for the baby. A name should not be hard to pronounce. So make sure that it is not like a tongue twister for the natives, and easy to roll without any problem.

What Are Some Unique Names For A Girl?

There are quite a few unique baby girl names that you can choose. Some of them are:

  1. Faith
  2. Genesis
  3. Jade
  4. Gaia
  5. Anastasia
  6. Tiyana
  7. Tahera
  8. Tuna
  9. Amity
  10. Phoebe

What Are The Most Beautiful Names?

If you are in search of a beautiful girls name then, we have given below a list of the top ten names that you can choose from:

  1. Luna
  2. Jasmine
  3. willow
  4. Cordelia
  5. Aisha
  6. Summer
  7. Lynne
  8. Esmeralda
  9. Elsa
  10. Nora

What Is The Best Baby Girl Name?

Girl names like Olivia, ava are timeless, and two of the top baby names. If you are in search of such baby girl names, then we have prepared a list for you:

  1. Hermione
  2. Helena
  3. Paris
  4. Daina
  5. Judith
  6. Angelina
  7. Clarissa
  8. Cassandra
  9. Dorothy
  10. Margaret.

What Are The Top 10 Prettiest Girl Names?

Names like Olivia, Ava, Isabella, Sophia are timeless, but they have become quite common during recent years. The top 10 prettiest names for girls based on their uniqueness and popularity are:

  1. Camila
  2. Victoria
  3. Everly
  4. Evelyn
  5. Peyton
  6. Ashley
  7. Lily
  8. Zehra
  9. Tanya
  10. Amelia

So pick from the top baby names for girls with meaning

Choosing a baby name is already a daunting task, and it becomes seriously challenging when you have to pick from the name of girls. After all, you don’t want your baby girl to have some average or over-used name without any clear meaning. So, with these top baby names for girls, your little sunshine will have a name on her social security administration that she will be proud of. Not only for social security but in every stage of her life, she will have a great name. Give her a separate identity and prosperous life with the power of the right name.

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