Toys are not only the kids’ companion, but they also educate them in countless ways. From the favorite kitchen set that brings out the chef in the kids to the blocks and stack bundles, these toys feed the hungry brain of the kids. Most of the toys in your kid’s basket are based on their likes and dislikes. Select some toys for kids that will add fun and positive attitude towards learning. Educational toys are designed to improve the problem-solving capabilities of a child. They nurture the imagination and creativity of kids. That’s why I am bringing you a personal list of toys that I think are suitable for any kid in the age group of 2 to 4 years

Best educational toys for 2-year-olds

Two years old start to practice physical output. They love toys that allow them to ride or push them around. But they also need to focus on brainpower. Therefore, by keeping it in mind, you have a choice of:

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, Green

Learning friends 100 words book will introduce many words to your child. Let your kid choose from various categories of food, animals, colors, pets, fruits, and more. Press that light-up star button to hear the learning songs. Just touch the words, and it will play. The adorable animals and colorful fruits will not let the excitement end. It is a fun way to increase the vocabulary of your little champ. This toy is an interactive and entertaining mode for learning alphabets and their sound. The instructions and songs can be heard in English and Spanish. You only have to flip the language button.

Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Kids Toys

Kids are attracted to colors and love to play with them. What if you get colors that are safe and reusable? An eco-friendly and non-toxic doodle drawing mat, where your kid can draw their favorite creature or thing. Watch the drawing magically disappear and then again appear with a new color. It will be endless fun. Usually, giving colors to the child means getting a colorful face, wall, and surroundings. But this learning toy is mess-free and inspires the imagination of the kid. Encourage them to draw their favorite things or use the colors to teach A for Apple and other basic things.

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid | Plastic Toy & Art Storage Container, Pink

Teach your child to arrange their belongings with this toy box. The little one can display favorite masterpieces on the clip and artboard lid. It improves their organizational skills and encourages them to take responsibility for their things. Your kid can carry it on the lawn or to the picnic. It is portable and is of premium durability. The creative minds can use it for various purposes, like hanging the adorable art with the clip or use the artboard to draw and color. Overall this toy box is a great way to increase the motor skills and creativity of the child.

CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy for Toddlers – Alphabet Fish Catching Counting Preschool Board Games Toys

At this age, the child starts to improve eye-hand coordination and counting skills. Toys like this fishing game help the little einsteins learn math with magnetic poles. Play their favorite baby shark doo-doo in the background and get started with the game. The game is designed for multi-players and is ideal for Christmas and birthday gifts. Give that cat doll magnet to the over-excited baby and watch them searching and pulling the fishes under the iced lake. It is a must-have for kids for early education. They come to know about alphabets, colors, and marine life. All this fun lies in a single combo. There is a lot to learn and identify using this fun fish game.

iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set, Toddler Indoor Active Play Game

Bowling games are a fun way to improve kid’s fine motor and gross skills. Your child will not wait for a moment after opening the pack and will instantly run to play with it. The pins and balls encourage the color recognition ability of the child and counting skills as well. These balls are also suitable for playing indoors. Your little one will gain self-esteem with each successful knock over the pins. The complete set is made up of high-grade foam material. Therefore it is safe for toddlers. The pins are lightweight, and children can carry it easily to the neighborhood or parks.

Best educational toys for 3-year-olds

A three-year-old kid starts recognizing shapes and also need some toys to develop motor skills.

Pound a Ball Toy for Toddlers with 6 Bonus Stacking Cups, Hammer, and Ball Pounding Montessori Toys for Babies

Let your eager cutie have fun with this pounding toy. It will not break up or tip over like other pounding toys. The bright colors and hand-stacking cups will keep them engaged for long. It’s one of the best gift ideas to surprise the little ones. This set can improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition of children. The curious child will love placing the colored balls in the holes. It is one of the best learning toys. It contains three balls, one hammer, and also a sturdy tower. Additionally, this set can also be used as a stacking toy.

ETI Toys | STEM Learning | Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

Gift your child a toy that will improve the skills and creativity of little minds. The tiny transformers, trucks, robots will spark the imagination of kids as they assemble each block. This fun and the educational toy is great for enhancing the ability of problem-solving and logical thinking. As they play with this set along with their friends and siblings, they learn teamwork and collaboration. You will be surprised by their creations and extraordinary skills. Bring this set of blocks on their next birthday and improve their knowledge about technology, engineering, and sciences. There is an e-book also that has several designs and shapes.

Toyk Aqua Magic Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board Toy – Color Doodle Drawing Mat Bring Magic Pens Educational Toys

It’s not a bad idea to gift your child a mat where they can sit, lay, and enjoy drawing their favorite shapes. The reusable magic pen will not let your home get dirty as the colors magically disappear after a few minutes. The group of little artists can draw again and again. You don’t have to worry about the mess of papers and colors spreading on the floor once they complete masterpieces. The paints are non-toxic and non-polluting that makes them safe for kids as well as for pets at home. Take it to the table on the floor; the main purpose is only fun and learning.

Magnetic Building Blocks Magnetic Tiles Set

Magnet’s toys are a wonder for kids. They enjoy playing, making various items using the attraction force of magnets. This magnetic toy set contains magnetic squares and triangles to build a wide range of models. Since the kids are in the learning stage now, this toy is useful to improve their creativity, imagination, problem-solving skills, and more. Involve yourself as they play with this set to make parent-child bonding stronger. The product consists of high-quality ABS plastic. It is non-toxic and safe for children. You can take this block set as a birthday gift and surprise the birthday boy or girl. Take it on a trip or vacations to keep the children occupied with imagination and creativity.

VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

Colorful books have always been a part of learning for children. This toy book has touch-sensitive pages to teach the kids words in different categories. You can teach your little one via four modes of play, including letters, words, and music. The pages will respond with sound and music as your toddler touches them. If you want to improve the vocabulary of your kid, then this word book is a great option. This word book is one of the best interactive toys that keep the child engaged with discovery and exploration. What are you waiting for? Bring home this magical learning book that will react with each touch of those little fingers.

Best educational toys for 4-year-olds

At this age, children start hopping, running, throwing, and kicking. They can also surprise you anytime with their climbing and swinging skills. 4-year olds must-have toys that can spark their imagination and improve their other skills at the same time. Here are some best educational toys for 4-year-olds.

PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower with Exclusive Vehicle, Rotating Periscope & Lights & Sounds

The little master can observe the city using interactive lights and sounds of this lookout tower. Its interactive characters will speak their signature phrase as you press the button. The rotating periscope at the top is perfect for keeping a careful watch over the citizens. Found something suspicious? Send the pups down to the tower’s slide. Learning is so much fun when they can become the hero of the town. The vehicle launcher will not let the fun end as the lined-up vehicles slide down for rescue. This two and a half feet tall tower has unlimited exciting adventures. Also, there is an instructions manual that will help you to assemble the parts easily.

Melissa & Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar, Seasonal & Religious

Mumma, what comes after the march? But last month had only 28 days? The number of questions is endless. You can wisely answer them with the help of this Daily magnet calendar. It displays weeks, days, and months interactively. It is a unique gift for toddlers who are learning and exploring. You can participate with them in this game. The next day you will find they are teaching their friends the same things. Take a quiz like- what’s today? And reward them at each successful answer. Your eager kid will enjoy placing the magnets in their respective sections. Also, it is the best way to improve fine motor skills.

B. toys by Battat -B. Pet Vet Toy – Doctor Kit for Kids Pretend Play (8 pieces)

A vet clinic where the adorable doctor will treat the animals with their cute healing palms. Kids can spend hours playing with it. Unlock the doors with the keys provided, and find out more options to play. Another great way to improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. An imaginary play. If your child refuses to meet a doctor, this vet set will help them become familiar with the things. Children come to know doctors are there to care and not to scare. The most fun part will be when they take the doctor’s tools to the pet and start treating them. No Bruno, don’t bark, one of the best doctors is checking your pulse!

Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Solid Colors Set – The Original, Award-Winning Magnetic Building Tiles – Creativity and Educational – STEM Approved

Science and Maths! Are they meant for toddlers? Yes, they are. You have already seen how your kid keeps a record of their toys. How they become an engineer when one of the tires from that blue car comes out? This 3D magnetic building set is an integration of math, science, and creativity. The colorful shapes will consume their hours as they create things. This fun game will develop the fine motor skills of your little champ. The children don’t find it hard to connect the various sections as the edges are magnetized. Make a motor, rocket, or various shapes out of these tiles. Your social media account will overflow with pictures of their best creations.

Yookidoo Bath Toy -Submarine Spray Station – Battery Operated Water Pump with Hand Shower and More

Toddlers love to play with water. They can spend hours playing with pipes, showers, and tubs. What about adding a Submarine Spray Station in their bathtub? This battery-operated water circulation pumping system will keep your little munchkin engaged. Be prepared to run and see when they say –Mumma, look at this! They are probably showing you the magical stream of water. This magical water spray is good to improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. The switch in handle makes it easier for little hands to use.

Caution: your kid may spray it on your face if you ask them to come out of the tub after spending much time.

Toys Can Be As Good Friends As Books

Interactive and learning toys are a perfect return of investment. You can buy various games that include alphabets, numbers, colors, and names. The kids learn faster when they can play with interactive things like a cat button, which instantly says Miauu. Similarly, block and tile games improve their fine motor skills and creativity. Also, get some toys that keep them engaging alone as well as with friends to help them learn the lesson of sharing.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best educational toys for toddlers?

Toddlers love to run, jump and hop around. Engage them with toys, kids, and games that can be a good addition in their routine plays. Toys that play various animal sounds blocks to create different shapes, and some games help them develop fine motor skills and creativity in them.

What to get a child who has everything

If the child has every kind of toy from blocks to various sports cars, then you can engage them in some toys for children that improve creativity like drawing or molding dough. Every 6-12 months, develop new skills and so require a new set of toys. Also, they need toys to improve fine motor skills, learn shapes, and more.