As a parent, it can be challenging to find the best toys for your toddler. I understand the need to find a fun toy that would keep your child entertained, but it should also be sturdy enough to survive the mishandling. Because let’s be fair, our kids can be way too playful with the toys, that can be rough on them. So, you need a list of toys that will be strong, entertaining, and educative.

But that’s not all; they should still be gentle for your kids! Colorful, and made up of material that is soft for your bundle of joy. I had to learn these lessons the hard way when countless of our toys failed to meet these requirements, and money was wasted. However, to save you from the trouble of going through the same problems, I felt like it was my duty to share my wisdom with you. That’s why I have personally compiled this list of best toys for toddlers. They are great to help your toddler learn while enjoying the playful times.

Sassy Stacks Of Circles

Kids love colors, patterns, and textures. Childhood is an age for them to explore and learn. To help your child learn to differentiate between sizes, this is a great circle stack. They are vibrantly colored and differ in weight for your kid to differentiate between them. Some of these rings even have beads that produce sound. Overall, it is a great toy to hone learning skills of your bundle of joy.

Melissa Doug Wooden Building Blocks

It includes a set of hundred blocks in nine different shapes and four different colors to enhance the imagination of your kids. The flamboyant and bright color theme of the blocks will make your kids glued to them. You can rely on the quality as it is a Mellissa & Doug product with light wooden blocks that are highly durable. So don’t worry about your child dropping, tossing, or throwing them for fun. They are robust and will last with them forever.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

Whether you’re trying to develop your baby’s interest in music, or merely giving them something enticing, you can never go wrong with a piano! A musical instrument that is unique, and can turn your kid’s musical fantasy into reality. You can hear the sound like a natural piano coming as you tap the colorful keys. Witness your child giggle and clap as they entertain the creative streak. This one is also great for motor skills polishing as it gives them something to do. With musical sheets and custom tuning, you will have a toy that will never get old.

RenFox Kids Musical Mats×14-2in/dp/B07MBDZCXT/ref=sr_1_49?qid=1582697456&refinements=p_72%3A1248963011%2Cp_n_age_range%3A165890011&rnid=165794011&s=toys-and-games-intl-ship&sr=1-49

Talking about motor skills and music, here is a musical mat that comes with tons of better advantages than a musical instrument. Your baby can dance, walk or crawl on it and each key will bring new sound. What’s more? You can change the mat’s sound settings to different instruments. So your baby will always discover something new. It is colorful and comes with built-in music to keep your kids entertained. This is great not only for motor skill and learning but also polish your baby’s creative streak. You can even take it around as it is portable; your child will never get bored of it.

Little People Animal Friends Farm – FFP

As your toddler is in the learning stage now, let the miniature of animals teach them their names and how they look. This cute Animal Friend’s farm will let the little genius, explore and learn the sounds of different animals. When they open the barn door with enthusiasm, various animal sounds will ignite their senses. Your little one may surprise you with some short stories, as they become familiar with this farm. This toy is a fun way of learning and growing. Wait, don’t place that horse near the sheep! Your toddler has already allotted a corner for each animal.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Rescue City Center

Thanks to youtube that now every child pretends to be a hulk or superman in their play. What about giving them a chance to be a superhero? Divert their attention from mobile and handover this play set to them. The toys like Firetruck, Parking meter, Street Light, and Gas Station don’t let the fun come to an end. It will not only improve their imagination but also increase their vocabulary as they will identify each item. Let your toddler get in action and be the hero of their small world. It is one of the best toys for toddlers.

Kid O Magnetic Cutting Fruit Play Set

Are you a parent who complains about the child not eating fruits? Let’s make them fall in love with colorful and nutrition-rich apples and oranges with this toy set. Your toddler will widen those big eyes in wonder while slicing the fruits held together by magnets. It’s a great way to increase motor skills and learn to share as they distribute slices to friends. Toddlers love to play with colorful toys, and this is one of the best baby toys for learning colors. The slicing process is excellent to improve the toddlers eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills as they play with it.

Melissa & Doug Match & Roll Shape-Sorter

Nurture the imagination of toddlers with this Doug match & Roll Shape- Sorter. It is one of the best toys for toddlers to learn about the shapes. Keep the video recorder on to capture little champ playing with shapes. Skill builder toys are a great way to keep the kids engaging at-home or a playschool. This classic toy is a powerhouse of skills for toddlers. The star, square, rectangle and diamond are a fun option for screen-free play. While the toddlers play and have fun with this toy, they also improve fine motor skills. Take out time from your busy schedule and help them to learn, like asking them to put a star at the appropriate place.

Little Tikes Basketball Goal

Outdoor sports can be a lot more fun as compared to indoor games. Kids who grow liking towards a particular game in the early stages of life tend to perform well in it later in life. Give your kid this little basketball goal and watch them develop their game. This goal can be adjusted to your child’s height, so as they grow, the goal grows with them.

LEGO DUPLO Creative Play 10574 Creative Ice Cream

How about transforming your child’s love for ice cream into a way of learning? The ice cream cones, colored tops, and bricks will indulge your child in fun learning. Watch them enjoying and licking those tasty imaginative flavors. But don’t forget to sterilize them to avoid infections. Let them stack their ice cream cone with scoops of different flavors. It is one of the tasty and colorful babys toys. This summer, let them make their own ice cream with this toy. Ask them to serve the whole family with this fascinating collection of Duplo brick scoops.


The brains of toddlers are very sharp and imaginative. Since they are in the learning and growing stage, they need toys that can grade their overall development as they play with it. You will find a range of best toys for babies in the market or online. Toddlers love to play with colorful toys. Also, toys that are lightweight, musical,  on-toxic, and portable are always the first choice of parents. Based on the age group, you can choose from a variety of the best toys for toddlers or toys for kids or babies. There are separate toys for toddlers targeted for fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and improve various skills. Try to involve yourself or their friends and siblings in their plays. It helps increase their sociability and increases their sense of sharing with others.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of toys do toddlers play with?

There is a massive array of toys available for toddlers. Parents usually get confused about what to buy for their children. Most of the time, they end up purchasing whatever the child cries for. The toddlers get attracted to bright colored toys, things they see in real life, or videos. Select toys with blocks, animals, shapes, and colors so the toddler can learn while playing.

What is the best gift for a toddler?

Select a toy that will spark their imagination, such as dramatic play kits. You may go for a kitchen set, doctor set, blocks, farm with animals, and more. There are a variety of puzzles, construction toys, alphabet & numeric toys available for the playschool kids. Musical toys, play food & Grocery basket are great gift items for the kids.

Must have toddler toys

Blocks are a must for every toddler. It may be in the form of construction of a train, tower, or anything. They are essential to improve the creativity of a child. Musical instruments, animals, numbers, alphabets, and abacus are a great way of learning. Colorful pencils and molding dough enhance the motor skills of a toddler.